After spending so much time at home in 2020, I’m sure many of us want to upgrade our space to make it a more pleasant environment.

We’re looking at the 2021 Homeware Trends that will have your space looking more stylish than ever in the months ahead.

Scandi Style

Scandi Style has been a key player in both interiors and fashion over the past few years. Add wood furniture and flooring for the main focus of your Scandi style, and stick to a neutral palette. This can be great for those starting out in a new home, or if you’re working with a tight budget.

To achieve this style, firstly ensure your space is clutter free with a Marie Kondo attitude. For decluttering guidance, check out our Marie Kondo Blog Post.


The cottagecore trend has swept the nation – the best three words to sum up this trend would be: Florals, frills and nostalgia.

Think china plates (charity shops are a great place to get your hands on these), shown off in cabinets for all to see. In the bedroom, consider bringing in frilly sheets and patterned styles for a kitsch feel.

Plants Plants Plants

We all love our houseplants, however right now they’re high on trend. As houseplants continue to take centre stage in our 2021 trends, low maintenance plants are much in, so there’s minimal worry of killing your beloved babies.

If you can’t trust yourself with a live plant, the good news is that faux plants, are also very much in. From Bunny Tails to the famous IKEA Fejkas, with all of the style and none of the maintenance, these are ideal.

Neon Lighting

One of the more fun homeware trends is neon lighting. With searched massively up for the bright lights on Pinterest, it’s the perfect thing to being an injection of vibrancy and your personality into your home.

Whether you’re going for a slogan or a symbol that best represents your home, there’s plenty on offer. You could even make a feature wall incorporating Neon with other wall art to really make a statement.

Perfect Your Home Office

Whether we like it or not, out Home Office will continue to have a vital place in the home throughout 2021. We all have limitations, the main one being space, but it’s important for your productivity to make it right.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a whole room on offer, find a corner you can work in. Even if your space is small, there are plenty of desks now on offer which don’t take up a huge amount of room, many even being a foldaway style.

Tie in the plant trend by adding a small succulent desk plant or a framed picture of your loved ones to cheer you up on more stressful days. Everyones desk is personal to themselves, so include things which will make you happy.