Due to the current climate, more and more people find themselves working from home which eliminates the stressful commutes and allows employees to spend more time with your families. But the work-from-home life isn’t without its complications. If you don’t have a stress-free environment to work in, your productivity may suffer.

Keep reading to discover simple ways to organise your home office.

Get Rid of Clutter

Not sure where to start when it comes to organising a home office? The easiest way to start is by removing unnecessary items from the office.

Take the time to remove anything that you don’t need for your everyday work. Gym equipment? Storage items? Move these into your garage or self storage unit to make a start on the decluttering.

The best way to continue is to go through the room item by item, it may take some time but this will ensure that only necessary items remain.

Digitalise your Documents

When setting up a home office, over time it can easily transform into piles of paperwork. Even the largest filing cabinet can’t always keep up with the demand. This is why you should digitalise your documents as much as possible.

Scan in any existing paperwork, this can be done on most home printers. Organise these folders on your computer and they will become more easily accessible than they were in your filing cabinet. Once you’ve established a digital system, avoid printing whenever possible. This helps with your paper waste as well as your clutter.

Use Bins in Bookshelves to Hide Things

While books and magazines can be aesthetically pleasing, there are some things that should remain hidden away. To do this while utilising your bookshelves, embrace bins and boxes. You can place extra documents, office supplies and any other knickknacks in these bins.

Colour coordinate your bins to complement the look and feel of your office. This will help the bins to look like they belong in the space.

Organise your Home Office Today

Start by getting rid of any clutter that distracts you from the functionality of your office. Try to digitalise as many of your documents as possible and recycle the papers that you won’t need a physical copy of. Consider using bins and boxes to hide away the clutter on your bookshelves to bring a sense of organisation to the room.

In order to make the most of decluttering, why not hire out a self storage facility! Contact us today to explore your options.

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