When you tidy the KonMari way, you will have clearly identified your values and what you want to do, being able to take good care of your possessions and have a feeling of contentment.

The key to success is to tidy up quickly and completely, all in one go

1.       Commit yourself to tidying up

This method of tidying does require time and effort, but once you have made up your mind all you need to do is to apply the right method.

2.       Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Think about what kind of house you want to live in and how you want to live in it. You can draw or write this out, or cut photos from magazines.

3.       Finish discarding first

When things are put away, a home will look tidy on the surface, but if storage units are filled with things which are impossible to keep organised this will lead to a relapse.

Decide what to keep and what to discard.

4.       Tidy by category, not location

This is one of the most common mistakes, tidying room by room.

The correct approach is to tidy by category, for example when tidying the clothes category, the first step is to gather every item of clothing from the entire house in one spot. This allows you to see objectively how much you have.

5.       Follow the right order 


It is crucial not only to tidy by category but also to follow the correct order.

Have you ever come across old photos when tidying and found hours passing while you were looking at them? This is a very common blunder, and it clearly illustrates the point of tidying in the proper order, which is designed to help you hone your ability to distinguish what sparks joy.


6.       Ask yourself if it ‘sparks joy’

Deciding whether to keep or discard is dependent on whether it sparks joy. If something sparks joy you should feel a little thrill; when something does not, you should notice that your body feels heavier.

Remember that you are not choosing what to discard but rather what to keep.

Keep only those things that bring you joy. Let go of the things that do not with gratitude and appreciation.

For anything else that you don’t want to bin or give to charity, you can store these in your garage, loft or self storage unit. A self storage unit can be as small as 20 sq. ft. (fitting the contents of a small van) or as big as you need. You can access your belongings at any time – so you can swap out your books to freshen up the bookcase, or swap winter/summer clothing as the seasons dictate – and they’ll be kept clean, dry and safe until you need them.

Whatever method you follow, having a good tidy and sort out will leave you with less clutter and make it easier to find everything!