Follow this guide to an eight-week timeline that will help you establish all those little tasks that need to get done, so you don’t miss a thing.

Eight Weeks Before You Move

It’s just two months before you embark on your new adventure.

Right now, there’s one critical task that you need to do: hire movers or if you’re moving yourself, rent a van.

 Top tip: make use of a local self-storage facility to de-clutter in stages and make the move even more seamless

Other tasks that you should complete before moving day include:

◦          Set up a folder to use for notes on the move

◦          Take an inventory of household goods

◦          Purchase insurance, if necessary

◦          Create a file for all moving papers and receipts

◦          Rent a storage space

◦          Get packing supplies (you can often find discounted kits at self-storage facilities)

Six Weeks Before You Move

Six weeks before you move, here’s what you want to do:

◦          Start to use up your food, so that you don’t have to move it all

◦          Start to de-clutter the house, create a pile for keep; recycle; and for storage.

◦          Start packing nonessentials, such as décor, off-season clothing, and books 

Top tip: give your boxes a star rating – 1 star means non-priority and can be moved out first into the back of your storage facility;  2 stars means it can be put in to storage closer to moving day, at the front of your facility; and 3 stars meaning it stays with you and moves on the day.

Four Weeks Before You Move

Start concentrating on the small steps with these tasks to complete four-weeks before you move.

◦          Pack any outdoor and items from the loft and move into your store.

◦          Make a list for where you’ll need to change your address, such as the bank

◦          Confirm the moving company or van hire for the day of the move

◦          Finalise travel arrangements

Two Weeks Before You Move

Two weeks to go – almost there!

Other than continuing to pack and putting 2-star items into storage, here’s what you need to do two weeks out from the move:

◦          Contact utility companies and arrange for a transfer of service

◦          Schedule pet care / childcare during the move, if necessary

◦          Start deep cleaning your current home as you pack up rooms

One Week Before Moving Day

There’s just one week left, which means it’s time to finish up the final tasks, which include:

◦          Packing a bag to live out of, keep this and only 3-star boxes with you at home

◦          Thoroughly clean your current home

◦          Disassemble any furniture that is left and organise things you’ll be taking with you first

It’s Moving Day

Set your alarm early because it’s moving day!

Get ready for your final tasks

◦          Do a walkthrough of the house to make sure you haven’t left anything behind

◦          Make sure the house is secure

◦          Dispose of all garbage

◦          Pack the car/van with all your essential 3-star items

◦          Leave all keys behind

Days After Moving

Now you’ve started the process of settling into your new home and got all your essentials in place, you can start emptying your storage facility following your star rated boxes. Your 2-star items will be in the front, making for easy access and a smooth process. This should keep the stress and clutter to a minimum as you can find a new home for things without tonnes of boxes in your way.

Top tip: Why not keep your storage facility long term for storing garden furniture over the winter and clearing up room in the loft by storing Christmas trees and decorations the rest of the year.