Keep clean and tidy with these handy tips from your favourite social media star.

Guide to Mrs Hinch’s Minkeh and friends:

Minkeh – Minkey anti-bacterial cleaning pad

Dave – Pledge fluffy duster starter kit

Buddy – Spontex microfibre kitchen kit

Pinkeh – Minky ectra thick super absorbent sponge wipes

Vera – Cileda 1-2 spray mop

Her other favourites include Flash with Febreeze Bathroom Spray, CIF Stainless Steel Spray, Toilet Duck 4in1 Liquid Cleaner in the scent Fresh Pine, 1001 Carpet Spray and of course, Zoflora.

Most of her products are budget friendly and have become cleaning staples!


Here are some of Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning tips:

How to get your kitchen sink sparkling

Use disinfectant spray, add a little hot water, then wipe down the excess before using stainless steel cleaner (CIF) before using a dry cloth (Buddy) to shine it up.

Keep your hob stain free

Use a cloth and a cleaning paste like The Pink Stuff. After a few minutes rinse with a clean wet cloth and repeat. (Do not use The Pink Stuff on stainless steel)

Cleaning your washing machine

Slide out the drawer and use a bathroom spray (flash with febreeze) to clean – in the gap where the drawer was, fill a dishmatic sponge with the same product and scrub clean.

Use an electric toothbrush with a spare head for any tough to remove grime then wipe down with Pinkeh.

Making sure your mirrors are streak free

Use white vinegar spray and a dry fluffy microfibre cloth to wipe away until all smears are gone.

Cleaning leather sofas

Use bargain leather wipes before diluting some Zoflora in a spray bottle, spraying onto the sofa and rubbing with a dry cloth to make it smell nice and fresh


These top cleaning tips are particularly handy when moving house and giving your place one final clean. You can find many of these products in supermarkets and bargain stores such as B&M and Home Bargains.