In order to make the most out of your storage unit, organisation and proper preparation are a must. This starts with the right packing supplies. Even if you’re not the most organised person, these items go a long way to set you up for storage success.

Proper boxes and storage bins

  • Make sure you have sturdy, stackable boxes and bins that are the right size for shelves and stacking.
  • Flimsy, overused boxes get crushed when stacked and tend to fall apart much faster.
  • People often use big plastic bags, which are hard to label and impossible to stack. This wastes space and leaves your items less protected.

A label maker and markers

  • Labelling boxes and bins gives you a quick view of everything that’s tucked away. It’s a time and energy saver.

Cling wrap

  • Instead of tape, consider using cling wrap to adhere padding and protections to furniture and other large items.
  • It helps keep things together or loose pieces from getting lost. It’s also good for bundling boxes.

Mattress and furniture covers

  • These go a long way to help protect bigger items like couches and beds hat are susceptible to wear
  • Use covers to protect stackable surfaces that are also scratchable

Moisture absorber

  • Products like DampRid help trap excess moisture and prevent musty odors.

Pallets or other floor protection

  • Protective layers are your friend. Use barriers, like thick plastic sheeting, between your things and hard or rough surfaces.
  • Pallets are a good way to keep items elevated off the floor and allow for air circulation within your storage unit.


Common storage mistakes to avoid

By far the biggest mistakes in storage units are to do with poor organisation. People tend to drop things haphazardly with no attention to reachability or the need to add items later.

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Common mistakes also include: not using the proper containers, stacking heavy items on lighter items, stacking too high, generally overfilling the unit and not leaving space for access.