5 tips on how to store your clothing long term

The answer to the issue of an overcrowded and half-used wardrobe, is to store our spring/summer clothes apart from our autumn/winter clothes. Storing clothing properly takes a little preparation, but having a wardrobe that isn’t fit to burst is well worth the effort. Here are 5 top tips on how to store clothes that you are not likely to wear for half the year

1. Wash and dry them properly

Before storing your clothes you really should clean them properly. That may mean simply running them through the washing machine, or it may mean a trip to the dry cleaners depending on the item of clothing to be stored. If you need persuading that an item needs cleaning before you store it, remember that deodorant and perfume can stain over time, and creepy crawlies love dust and dirt.

 2. Get rid of clothes that you won’t wear again

If you haven’t worn something for a year, you probably won’t wear it again. Be ruthless when storing clothes and sort your items into three piles: keep (store), give to charity or friends and bin.

 3. Don’t use vac storage bags for long term clothes storage

Vac storage bags are a great invention and can save you a huge amount of space. However, keeping items made from natural fibres such as wool and silk in a plastic bag can damage them and make them lose shape over time.

If you plan to store your clothes for more than a few weeks, opt for plastic storage boxes instead. Choose boxes that have an airtight lid so that your clothes will remain dry and free from mould and mildew.

4. Don’t bother ironing first and pack properly

Do not bother to iron your clothes as you will have to iron them again once you retrieve them from storage, and who has time to iron them twice?

You may not have to iron them, but you should still pack your clothes with care. Heavier items should go at the bottom of the box and lighter delicate items on top. You may find that you can fit more clothes in if you roll them rather than fold. Don’t over stuff your container as your items may lose their shape and will be a real pain to iron once you have retrieved them.

 5. Store them in the right location

When storing clothes, the rule of thumb is that the temperature of your chosen storage location should be no warmer than 23C, with a relative humidity of 55C. However, as long as you find somewhere to keep your clothes that is dry, cool, clean and dark (a storage facility is ideal).